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Playing Games Now Earns EOS on Womplay

The use of cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology in the gaming industry has gained significant traction in recent times. Starting with the overnight success of CryptoKitties, many blockchain-based games have started to make an appearance. Keeping up with the changing times, a leading blockchain gaming startup Spielworks has recently launched Womplay – a gaming rewards platform that allows users to earn as they play their favorite games.

The Womplay platform offers gamers with tangible EOS cryptocurrency as rewards, which is deposited directly to their connected Wombat wallet account. With this latest development, Spielworks not only addresses the increasing demand for blockchain games but also introduces blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the traditional mass-market video gaming industry which is currently valued at around $124 billion.

By offering the benefits of cryptocurrencies on regular games, Spielworks enhances the gaming experience while encouraging users to understand and become part of the crypto community. The Womplay gaming rewards platform is now available for some of the popular mobile and web browser games including Splinterlands, Prospectors, Forge of Empires, Hero Zero: Four Kingdoms and Conflict of Nations, whose user base includes a significant percentage of the population who may have never used cryptocurrencies before.

Explaining the advantages of Womplay and how it helps drive crypto adoption, the Founder and CEO of Spielworks Adrian Krion said, “The platform will initiate avid gamers who may have never been exposed to blockchain, with the ability to hold, manage, and use their digital goods quite seamlessly. Our integration of non-blockchain games highlights our drive to bring the benefits of blockchain and EOS to every gamer.”

Apart from EOS rewards, players can also earn Wombucks which can be converted to EOS by joining special cash-out events.

Multiple Ways to Earn EOS and Wombucks

Womplay offers a range of challenges and payout schemes for players to gain rewards. Currently, users can earn by picking any of the available activities that include:

  • Quick Play, where playing a select tier of browser games can award up to 100 Wombucks a day
  • Performance-based challenges that allow users to compete with opponents in different exciting contests to receive EOS payouts
  • In-game actions where Wombucks are awarded whenever the player reaches specific milestones within the game
  • Weekly cash-out events offering an opportunity to win a share of the fixed EOS prize pool
  • Referring other users to the platform

Wombat Wallet

Developed by Spielworks, Wombat is a trusted crypto wallet that supports EOS and Telos cryptocurrencies. With over 250,000 registered users in over 160 countries, Wombat offers free and fast account creation, automatic key backup and free blockchain resources to users. Through Womplay, the wallet also serves as the gateway to blockchain-based gaming, enabling users to find, play and interact with various dApps and games available on EOS and Telos.

Existing Wombat wallet users can utilize the same credentials to log into their Womplay accounts. While the number of games supported by Womplay is limited at the moment, the platform is in the process of extending support for more titles and will be made available soon.

Learn more about Womplay at – https://womplay.io/